About us

Asset offers phased environmental assessments conducted by professional staff.  We have conducted literally thousands of environmental investigations on parcels ranging from vacant land to industrial facilities located in superfund study areas.

Surface water regulations affecting the oil and gas and construction industries require that plans be developed and implemented prior to surface disturbing activities.  Asset provides a turnkey approach to the requirements, designing plans specific to the construction site, installing the systems per the plan, monitoring the effectiveness of the design, and making changes where appropriate.  Asset's personnel have provided these services on hundreds of projects in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.  

The oil and gas industry is required to prepare and implement SPCC plans to address the potential for spills of oil into "waters of the state".  The SPCC plans must be prepared and modified as field conditions dictate.  In addition periodic inspections of the equipment must be completed.  Asset's services include: preparation of the SPCC Plan, oversight of construction of the secondary containment systems, periodic inspections, and modifications to the SPCC Plan as new equipment is added.  Asset's personnel have prepared SPCC Plans for facilities located in Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona.

A key factor in the success of restoration is the acquisition of information on the pre-existing biota.  Asset gathers the necessary information related to soil conditions, plant and vegetation communities, and critical concerns for the re-establishment of native species.  Once acquired the information is used to prepare a remedial action plan for each affected site which is then implemented.  This provides the best chance for success of the restoration effort.  Asset's personnel have successfully restored access roads, drilling locations, and surface mines in New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, and Oklahoma and achieved bond release as a result of our efforts.

Our key wildlife services include: conducting general presence/absence and use surveys, conducting wildlife clearance surveys for threatened and endangered species, assessing wildlife utilization of reclaimed lands, monitoring wildlife response to oil and gas disturbances, and making wildlife-specific reclamation recommendations.  Wildlife monitoring and surveys are conducted pursuant to recognized, species-specific, standard survey protocols accepted by agency personnel. Asset's personnel have performed surveys for Mountain Plover, Pygmy Rabbit, raptors, Burrowing Owl, and Sage Grouse in Wyoming, California, and Oregon.

Asset’s experienced professionals are certified through the US Army Corps of Engineers’ (ACOE) Wetland Delineation Certification Program.  Specific environmental regulations apply to most activities that affect wetlands or are in close proximity to wetlands.  Our staff has conducted functional wetland delineation assessments on projects in California, Oregon, and Wyoming.